Bad weather – flooding ….

Dear guests, we get a lot of inquiries about how we are and how the situation is after the storm of the 9th October, because there are horror news in the press ….
We are doing very well, for us here in the village it was a ‘normal’ storm with lots of water and short power outages, as we are used to, there was no significant damage, no restrictions. In the countryside, roads were washed under and a small bridge was torn away, and our neighbor village San Llorenç fiercely got caught. Here in Artà life was always normal, there were only a few critical hours in the night because you could not leave the village (so we had a rather cheerful dormitory in the bar and restaurant with people who could not get home until the next day) and with the Mallorcan optimism and the great experience in these situations, the surrounding area will be back to normal very quickly, most of it is already settled, and San Llorenç receives great help and solidarity especially from the neighbors that everything is restored soon.

Thanks for the inquiries and we are all looking forward to the next visit! Your team from the hotel sant Salvador 🙂


Palacio Sant Salvador
Turisme d’Interior

You are very welcome!

Take your time and look around, and perhaps we make you curious to discover the charm of our house, and later on at your first visit you will find out that it is ‘live’ as lovely as you imagined.

Hotel Sant Salvador, Hotel Palacio

Hotel Sant Salvador in Arta in Mallorca (Hotel Palacio)

In the northeast of Mallorca the medieval town of Artà, one of the most beautiful on the island, has retained its original character until today. The tradition-rich, historic city palace Ca’n Epifanio at the foot of the majestic fortified church Sant Salvador is nowadays a real gem, a certainly unusual ‘ Turisme d’Interior’ with only seven exclusive junior suites, one suite, a bar, a small nice restaurant with Meditarranean cuisine, a gorgeous romatic garden with seawater pool, and the emblematic courtyard facade which is presumably the work of Spain’s most famous architect Antoni Gaudí…….., quietly situated on the outskirts of the village, close to the majestic church Transfriguraciò del Senyor, but only a 5 minutes walk from the center, and near by the magnificent new natural park Peninsula de Llevant.

The unusual, unconventional design with its spectacular colors and the unique blend of the lovingly restored antique treasures and the modern gives this hotel its very special flair.

We are looking forward to….

….stressed short break vacationers who likes to be to be pampered in a family atmosphere
….long-term visitors who appreciate personalized service in a magnificent setting
….nature lovers who wants to explore the flora and fauna of our great nature reserve. Artà is the community with the longest undeveloped coastline of Mallorca!
….culture fanciers who want to become acquainted with Majorcan village and country life – or visit one of our regular live concerts with international artists for that we are well-known all over the island!
….golfers who reach within 30 minutes six golf courses
….gourmets! many guests visit us just to enjoy the skills of our chef Victor Comin Mayordomo and his crew
….and not least sunbathers who don’t want to give up exclusive ambiance and can quickly reach numerous very different nearby beaches

The particular history of our listed city palace Ca’n Epifanio
Voluptuousness has a form. Does it ever! Rubens reflected this skilfully in his works. The idea that the curve is the representation of beauty par excellence was assimilated by Gaudí. And here begins the story of Can Epifanio. According to the popular version, on that is not overly fond of the printed word, it seems that the person who constructed this building, a personal friend of that young architect’s apprentice named Gaudí, commissioned him to design a façade for a house that he wanted to build in a small town on Mallorca where at that time there was feverish construction rivalry between the old landowning oligarchy and the indianos who came back from the Americas laden with money. So Gaudí embarked on this curvilinear design, with this idea of beauty, of eternity. He left a large space open in front of the building, a garden from whose shadows you could witness the harmony of lines and the play of symmetry conferred by the curved lines: a message aimed at the new times that were being ushered in by the turn of the century. Antoni Picazo i Muntaner, historian

And 110 years later once more a friend of the family is working on the decoration of the Castellet, the little castle, as it is called in Artà. At the complete renovation of the house and transformation to a hotel designed the painter and set designer Zezo the interior in the colourful style of the modernismo, the Spanish art noveau. He projected the hall with the suns which later on will be convert in the symbol of the new hotel, painted in the salon the three oversized blue Graces, embodiment of sun, moon and stars, and contributed his part to create a hotel that stands out with his attention to detail, many artistic elements, courage and creativity, but pre-eminently that it sets the greatest value on hospitality!

You became a little bit curious?? …That would make us happy! ¡Bienvenidos!

Christophorus Heufken and the Sant Salvador Team
Adela Gonzalez (rooms), Eugenia Rodríguez, Agustina Nannini, Adriana Rojas  (service), Dane Batinica, Narcisa Cunalata (kitchen), Paco Serrano (maintenance)