Restaurante Gaudi

Our chef Alejandra Maldonado wants to delight you with a traditional Spanish-Latin American cuisine!

Our menu

Salad with melon, ham shavings and kiwi vinaigrette 11.00
Cesar’s salad 12.00
Diabolical shrimp tails 14.50
Colombian shrimp ceviche 16.00
Huevos rotos (Colombian) with ham and truffles oil 9.00
Duck foie micuit with red fruit reduction and tomato jam 13.50
Chicken croquetts with leek and cava 8.00
Beef carpaccio 12.00
Mexican tacos 9.50
Salmon with sauteed vegetables and teriyaki sauce 17.00
Thai Curry with shrimps and basmati rice 17.00
Hamburger ‘Vuelcalamami’ 13.50
Oxtail traditional with mashed potatoes and crispy onion 22.00
Beef picaña with boiled potato and tartar sauce 18.00
Entrecôte with French Fries 20.00
Paellas (only on request, min 2 people) 18.00
Lobster soup (only on request, min 2 people) 26.00

Open daily from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., closed on  Sunday and Monday