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Do you allow us to organize the happiest day of your life?
Promptly after the opening of our house it became clear that we will be a popular destination for honeymooners and wedding ceremonies. And we started at the very beginning with a big, challenging, very romantic wedding. That is the way to learn! Since then we are ‘crazy for weddings’. We enjoy to organize it! We take over the complete organization of these celebrations, if you want. Behalf of our 11-year experience, our very good contacts in the area and the fact that we are not an agency, we can not only offer high quality, for what we guarantee with our name, but also extremely good prices.

Weddings of Mallorca in Arta

Weddings by Sant Salvador in Artà

We would be happy to make you an estimate, quickly and of course without obligation, ask for it! You will be surprised. From 2 – 150 people. Absolutely individual and unique. We have no prefabricated packages. We believe such an important event should be totally aligned to the wishes of the bride and groom.

With the proposal we will send you detailed information and answers to many questions: Can I marry as a foreigner in Mallorca? What documents do I need for? Did I forget anything? Can I avoid a bad surprise because the costs are not predictable? What about hidden costs such as room hire, night hours waiter? How reliable is the ‘Spanish mentality’ ? (Absolutely! We have been working for years with always the same partners, and they all are absolutely reliable and highly committed). Is there a price guarantee? (Sure, if you want we’ll make a definite all inclusive price).

And our success is great and beautiful: countless happy couples told us about the overwhelming response of her guests, many of them to visit us after years to show their children where it all began ….

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Do you allow us to organize the happiest day of your life? It would be an honour for us!

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